The Camille Goblet Foundation aims to empower young women and support their educational
endeavors in the fields of wildlife and environmental conservation.

Camille was a brilliant scientist and wildlife conservationist. In her master’s studies, she described for the first time, the reproductive cycle of endangered pig species; and banked their reproductive cells for future conservation efforts. Her doctoral research utilized novel approaches in computer science and genetics to 1) classify understudied black rhino subspecies and 2) determine the genetic basis of immune function in black rhinos. She even learned to code in multiple computer programming languages to accomplish this work. While she was growing in science, she felt uneasy about the undercurrent that was the reality to so many women scientists and students.  Camille recognized the gender disparity in her field.


Women scientists face more professional challenges than their male counterparts, as women 1) experience higher publication rejection rates, 2) are held to a higher standard during the scientific editorial process, 3) are less likely to exhibit self-citation, and 4) often have shorter career lengths. This gender gap bothered Camille. So, in typical Camille fashion, she did something about it. Camille believed that traditional scientific success metrics were outdated. And, that science culture needed to transform to value mentorship over publication prestige.

Camille was mentoring the next generation of conservation scientists. She frequently hosted “Skype with a Scientist” meetings with classrooms worldwide, often in multiple languages in which she was fluent in. During these talks, Camille was able to simplify her complex research so that grade school students could understand and get excited about science and conservation. She believed that science should be accessible for people of all ages and backgrounds. The Camille Goblet Foundation was established to grow the next generation of environmental and endangered species saving scientists.

Our Earth. Our Animals. Our Protected Future.